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Teaching Philosophy

    I teach music to help students to cultivate their self-esteem, understand the moral and reward of hard work, and to further develop their brain power to reach their real potential. However, the most important reason I teach is to share the beauty and love of music. Understanding and appreciation of music, and  enjoy making music, is more important than playing an instrument perfectly. May we all have a beautifully musical life!

Q & A

How old should my child start music lesson?

Since every child is unique, there is no good answer for this question. Generally, I would suggest to wait till your child can read. However, for a 4 or 5 year old who's excited in learning instruments, I offer small group class that introduce the instruments and the concept of playing music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that will help them further develop their interests in learning music.

How to prepare my young children for music lesson?

You can ask yourself and your children the following questions: 

1. Does your child understand he/she has to follow a few basic rules so everyone can enjoy a good lesson?

2. Does your child understand she/he need to treat the instruments gently and be polite to the teacher and other students in a group setting?

3. Most importantly, is your child willing to try things the teacher shows him/her, rather than just "play" the instruments in their own way?

I do my best to make music lessons fun and exciting for everyone.However, young children need to know from beginning that they are there to learn something and they must put in some effort.

Am I too old for music lesson?

No one is ever too old to start music lesson. I used to have a student who was a 90-year-old retired teacher. One of my current student is around 80; he started to learn piano about 1.5 years ago and now he is already in the level 2 book!

Reading Music or Playing by Ear ?

Most of my students can do both; as for I teach them both from very early on. Be able to read music is tremendously helpful for you to expand the quantity of your repertoire and to learn more complicated music. Be able to play by ear, you can have lots of fun doing improvisation and jamming with other musicians. In my experience, it also helps you to learn and memorize new music faster.

Classical or Pop?

In my studio, students are not limited to only playing classical music. We also play songs from jazz, pop, ragtime, tango, Broadway musicals, movies, video games, folk songs....etc. I do make sure all my students have solid technique and all the students are required to learn scales, arpeggios and do some technique exercises. With good technique, you can play anything and make anything you play sound beautiful.



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